An Excellent tool for Conducting Lung Function test. AN easy to use/ Hold turbine which can be attached to any PC or Laptop. It also incorporates latest Indian Adult prediction by Dr. S.K. Chhabra.

Features :

  • Spiromin is PC based spirometer with Bi Directional Digital turbine.
  • It is capable of performing FVC, MVV & SVC Tests
  • Should has facility to export all patients data to Excel
  • The software is capable of Diagnosis and should also recommend¬† the best test done.
  • The Software is capable for Multiple Ethnic prediction like Indian, ITS White, ITS Black, East China, North China, Northwest China etc.
  • The Software also incorporates equation by Dr. S.K. Chhabra (Patel Chest , New Delhi)
  • It is possible to take/print picture in the report and software
  • Atleast four Trials for each test are possible
  • It has special CAMP MODE to conduct multiple tests during a CAMP and print them together.
  • It possible to Change the Font & Colour of the Hospital Name & Contact Details
  • It mentions Expected Lung Age. The user should have facility to Switch ON/OFF , printing the Lung Age
  • It has inbuilt DEMO mode for training
  • The user is able to set the equations manually for interpretation
  • It is capable of Conducting/ Printing and viewing Pre and Post medication waveforms
  • It has facility to print Photo of the Patient
  • It can work on any version of windows