Bilismart LED Phototherapy

It is a floor- standing, mobile phototherapy device that delivers a narrow band of high- intensity blue light via blue light emitting diodes (LEDs) to provide treatment for neonatal hyper-bilirubinemia. Blue LEDs emit light in the range 440nm-470nm (peak at the 451nm).A Single Button Operation, enabling anyone to use.
Observation Lights (3 White LED) Right
LED Intensity (±25%) ˜40µW / cm2 / nm
High & Low Settings Right
Peak Wavelength of Light 450-465nm
Tilting Head 0-90⁰
Therapy Timer Right
LED Lifetime 45,000 hours
Recommended Treatment Distance 35cm
Effective Treatmant Range 35-65cm
Adjustable Height Right
No Maintenance Cooling (no fan) Right
Measuring Tape: In Built Measuring tape for proper height adjustment Right