NEO cooling

It is a closed-loop control system consists of a mattress that is wrapped around baby’s trunk and legs. The device is fully automated and required no further input after initiation. The 0 baby temp is cooled to 33.5 C within 25 min. This temperature is maintained for 72 hours and a fully automated re-warming process 0 starts. The re-warming occurs to 37 C at 00.2 to 0.5 C/hour.

Features :

  • It should induce cooling rapidly to the desired core temperature.
  • It should maintain the core temperature tightly within the target range.
  • It should allow re-warming in a slow and controlled manner.
  • It should be easy to use.
  • It should require minimal nursing input.
  • It should not interfere with access to the baby.
  • Smooth, linear re-warming.
  • Compatible with reusable accessories

How it Works:

A rectal probe is inserted into the patient (approximately 5cm) and the temperature is fed back to the Neo Therm in using a thermoelectric cooling module the temperature of the cooling fluid is controlled by varying the amount and direction of electrical current. This increases and decreases the fluid temperature by small amounts. The fluid is then passed around the fluid infant using a mattress or a warp and returned to the Neo Therm. The thermal properties of the fluid make it extremely efficient at heat transfer and the Neo Therm uses surprisingly little energy to maintain a constant temperature.