Easy to access of infant from all sides with thick Acrylic collapsible side panels.
Self- Locking till mechanics allows easy Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positioning without interrupting the baby and is lockable at any angle within the range of +/-120
Dual-side- swivel heater hood provides access for x-rays and other procedures.
Ceramic heater and matched reflector profile are designed to uniformly distribute heat for energy efficiency.
Instrument tray pole for infusion pump and IV stand.

Examination lamp with sufficient illumination to examine the infant during procedures.

M.S fabrication with powder coating paint.

Mounted on castor for easy mobility

Lockable mobile castors allow one person to move the warmer.

Electronics control system

Mode: Two operating mode I.e., Skin, manual

Actual Temperature display:: Skin temperature are displayed on the red bright led display as per the operating mode, selected by user.

Manual mode: With programmable heater power and time period.

Spot light feather touch control on/off.

Integrated APGAR timer with with alarm at 1,5,10 and 20 minutes can also be used as timer for 60 minutes.