A Cost Effective yet High performing Modular Monitor  . the basic unit comes with standard 5 Parameters i.e. ECG, NIBP, SpO2, Resp, Temp. It is available with optional upgrades of Touch Screen, 2IBP, EtCO2, AGM, Nellcore SpO2, Printer, Wireless Connectivity for Central Station

Features :

  • Support multi-lead 8-channel waveform on-screen display; support multiple languages.
  • Support standard interface, trend coexistence interface, oxyCRG interface, large font interface.
  • Anti-defibrillation, anti-high frequency electric knife interference.¬†Support three monitoring modes: diagnosis, monitoring and surgery.
  • It has three levels of alarm functions: voice, text and visual.
  • Built-in high-capacity battery, long-lasting power, easy to transfer patients.