It is an external plug and play sidestream CO2 sensor. It does not occupy any host space and connects to host just with one eight-pin plug. It features cutting-edge technology for measurement of instantaneous CO2 concentration, respiration rate, end-tidal CO2 concentration, inspired CO2 concentration, inspiration time and expiration time. It is generally used in Patient Monitor and Anesthesia Machine. With a sampling rate low to 50 mL/min, it is ideal for use on adult, pediatric and infant patients; patients undergoing procedural sedation; and short- term monitoring of intubated patients.

Features :

  • Ideal for non-intubated patients
  • Breath-by-breath CO2 monitoring
  • Sample rate low to 50 mL/min
  • Range calibration in 0 – 19.7% by manufacturer
  • Fast warmup time ensures full accuracy within 2 minutes
  • Barometer pressure, O2, N2O, He compensation for accurate measurement
  • Low power consumption less than 1.2W
  • Fully compatible with Respronics module’s protocol Private label option