HR 501

It is a Semi Automatic AED with selection of Adult/ Paediatric Application. This way it save the cost of using expensive Paediatric AED Pads. The pads can be connected to the AED and can be stored in the AED with the cover closed. It has Audible CPR feedback which make it usable by a non medico

Features :

  •  Adult/Child Selection switch
  • Based on AHA(American Heart Association)’s 2015 guidelines
  • Self-test:  Regular self-test, Post(self-test when power is on), BIST(Battery insertion self-test)
  • Bluetooth 2.0 for transferring the Data to PC
  • Waterproof rating/dustproof rating: IP55
  • Output range: 150J escalation upto 360J (±10%) 50Ω for Adult / 50J(±10%) 50Ω for Child