STRESS 3001 is a PC Based Stress Test System. Through innovative technologies and a smart design, Stress 3001 solves common challenges associated with the successful acquisition and Display of cardiac stress testing exams. Stress 3001 delivers an innovative and meaningful approach to support today’s stress testing demands. A few of its most notable features include an impressive Display covering nearly all required information like 12 Lead real time Display, 12 Lead Average Display with numerical Values of ST Level, Slope. A Magnified lead with Maximum ST Depression, HR, BP, Speed, Slope and patient Details. With a legacy of excellence, Stress 3001 delivers all of this and more in a smart, user and patient-focused solution.
With fewer moving parts than other treadmills, the Stress 3001 treadmill delivers extremely smooth, quiet operation that facilitates accurate blood pressure measurements even at high workloads.


Features :

  • It comes with a 12 channel self interpreting ECG software with a facility to print Credit Card Size complete Report. It is supplied with separate patient cables/ accessories with a facility to take Right Sided & Posterior Leads
  • It has the facility to mark events.
  • It has an option to activate or deactivate printing of Superimposed Magnified Complex.
  • Facility to Further Magnify or Reduce the Magnified Complex.
  • IN case Magnified complex is not printed, the time period of printed Waveform increases.
  • It has minimum of two Screen Formats.
  • Summary report has selectable 1 or 2 Pages for proper reporting.
    Available Protocol : Bruce, Modified Bruce, Naughton, Maximal, Submaximal, Manual & Infusion.
  • A unique feature of “RELEARN” to start fresh averaging of the ECG trace incase of refixed loose electrode
  • It has different print qualities
  • It has the option to Print the Graph in case of unavailability of the Preprinted Sheet.
  • The user is able to select/unselect pretest stages by default.