It is a Volumetric Infusion Pump with Large-screen TFT display, adjustable screen brightness, still as clear as 2 meters, which is good for real-time observation of data. User-friendly interface design, in line with clinical and user habits. Compact design concept, easy for users to stack and save medical space. Use panel materials that are easy to use for medical disinfection and cleaning to ensure clinical cleanliness.

Features :

  • Comply with IP44 high waterproof rating for all clinical application scenarios

  • DPS dynamic pressure monitoring, multi-pressure alarm level, real-time protection of patient safety
  • The design of the new peristaltic sheet waterproof protective film effectively prevents the infusion tube from collapsing and leaking, preventing the inflow of the liquid, ensuring long-term medication and safety and hygiene
  • Automatic blockage of tubing blockage to protect patients from pill dose injuries
  • Automatic or manual Bolus can be switched at will
  • Online infusion speed adjustable function ensures that the pump can still adjust the infusion speed to meet various clinical application needs
  • Large-scale wide-angle LED color warning light, the alarm display is clear, and the patient safety is protected in real time
  • Large capacity battery, support 8-10h power supply, easy to transfer
  • 5 infusion modes are available to meet the needs of different departments
  • 360-degree rotatable machine clamps can be fixed in both horizontal and vertical directions to meet the needs of the clinical environment
  • 2000 historical records are available for review and export, and the R232 interface is available for users to follow
  • Multi-language can be switched and customized at will to meet various geographical needs
  • Navigation menu design, multi-parameters can be set freely, intuitive and easy to understand