Multiple Infusion Modes/Bolus/Drug Library/Programming Function/P.C.A. Double CPU/ Lock Key. No need to set the parameters every time if the Syringe capacity is same. Overcome the Shock dose after occlusion is released (Anti-Bolus).


Features :

  • Compatible with syringes of most of the standard brands (5ML- 60ML).
  • User can Add new Syringes
  • Three working modes: Rate control mode, Time control mode and Dose weight control mode (ug/kg/min or mg/kg/h)
  • Built in rechargeable battery for atleast 10 hours on full charge
  • Connection for Working with Ambulance Power Supply
  • Has LCD Display and Seven Segment Display for better viewing
  • Alarm functions: occlusion, empty, near empty, low battery, infusion over, syringe loose, etc
  • Three levels of the occlusion limited pressure: high, middle and low.
  • PCA Feature (Optional)
  • Anti Bolus facility.
  • Facility to restrict Use of Bolus
  • Multiple Syringe Pumps can work on Single Main Cable and is truly stackable without the use of Special IV Clamp.
  • Multiple Stacking works on commonly available IV Stands
  • The Syringe pump goes into KVO mode automatically as infusion is completed.
  • Purge / Bolus function.
  • Drug Library and users can add more.
  • Retains last infusion parameters.