H3B Plus/H12B Plus

3 Channel / 12 Channel recorders are thinner, lighter weight and includes more features. Includes recorder, belt clip and standard patient cables. Lightest weight monitor. Excellent for all patients, especially paediatric patients. These are more comfortable for patients and provides less artifact. Provides full three channels at a sampling rate of 4000 samples/second. It provides full disclosure, data is not compressed and all the beats are recorded and available for analysis. All recorders have pacemaker capability. Enhanced water resistance to protect your investment. Recorders provide ECG preview on screen before patient leaves the Hospital. This assures you of a good hook up, less artifact and fewer lost channels.


Features :

  • Compact Size and Light Weight
  • Patient Information can be downloaded before hooking to the patient
  • Sampling rate 4000 Samples/ Second
  • Special 2 Grade Pacemaker Detection Circuit to ensure accurate pacemaker detection
  • 512MB Nand Flash Memory , No Data Compression
  • Event Button to mark abnormal events
  • Real Time Clock & Calendar
  • Facility to check Battery . Lead Voltage
  • Bright OLED Display