ABP-03 is a non invasive oscillometric  BP monitor which can record at least 24-48 hours. It is intended for use as an aid or adjunct to diagnosis and treatment when it is necessary to measure an adult/Pediatric patient’s systolic pressure and diastolic pressure during an extended period of time . The associated PC Based program provides display, data storage , analysis and report printing functions.

Features :

  • Clinical Level, Accurate reading.
  • Motion tolerance technology
  • Double pressure transducer, Double protection.
  • Cuff inner layer is purely cotton, Good comfort & sweat absorption.
  • Cuff bladder easy taking out, Convenience for washing
  • Support maximum 72 hours data tendency chart.
  • Analysis or morning surge, smoothness index, and AASI.
  • White coat analysis, remarkable color for white coat period.
  • Various BP reading analysis, statistics.
  • BP comparison of same patient’s different measurements.
  • Variation corr. Analysis of DIA. Vs SYS., HR vs SYS.
  • .PDF format report.
  • User defined report content, printing review.