FDA Approved ABPM .1 – 48 hour recording period. Up to 460 measurements test memory Industry leading accurate Blood Pressure readings. Body position sensor, day – night – morning wake up modes Comprehensive Trend, Table, Histogram, Pie Chart, Correlation reports Compare test mode Day & Night interval reading settings PDF, JPG, DICOM Outputs

Features :

  • Oscillometer with step deflation algorithms
  • Automatic 24h BP measurements
  • Body-position reading for each BP measure
  • Small, portable, and large LCD
  • Automatic re-measurement algorithms
  • Pulse rate monitoring
  • Independent measurement via Start/Stop button on BP monitor
  • Results directly shown on LCD of BP monitor
  • Versatile display and print forms with full disclosure ABP monitoring
  • PC based patients’ database to ensure a quick and reliable replay of all records